Foundation for Mastery - Online Course

Create the inner framework to shift from 3-D to 5-D




During this time of profound chaos and transition, we are birthing a new human and a new reality.

We are being shaken to the core, breaking loose of old trauma, patterns of lack of self-worth, and self-sabotaging programs. 

We're starting to ride big waves; you need a strong foundation. Otherwise, you burn out, get overwhelmed, or end up in tears in a puddle on the couch for weeks.

*Your Mastery Framework, also known as your mastery blueprint is the alive, shimmering foundation that connects your soul frequency, strands of DNA, multidimensional self - all aspects of you.

Create a solid foundation for you to evolve 

  • Clear out the dysfunctional programs and patterns on the first 4 dimensions - the hidden muck that runs your life.

  • Clean up your DNA - release the shadows and self-sabotage passed down in your lineage.

  • Connect to your unique blueprint, the foundation for your abundance, mastery, and delight.

Foundation for Mastery

We're at zero point, on the precipice overlooking the future. What do you see when you look forward, a world of more fear, disease, and poverty? Or a new reality, sparkling with multi-dimensional light, laughter, and joy rippling through the land?

We've never birthed a new world before with our collective consciousness on this scale.  Everything is fresh, alive, evolving. The best way to proceed is from the depths of your intuition and heart merged with higher dimensional wisdom and technologies. 

During this time of profound change, ancient injury is triggered. It's like being sucked down into the drags of unworthiness, feeling abandoned, and unloved. 

This trauma has nothing to do with current events; it's something deep inside that's coming to the surface to be cleared. We can't bring inner garbage with us into 5-D, which is a huge blessing. This cleaning takes place in the 4th dimension. By clearing out the unconscious patterns and programs, you're not only releasing old trauma and self-sabotage, but you also create more space for higher dimensional frequencies.

Each dimension has a bandwidth of higher and lower frequencies, the lower frequencies, usually, not for your highest good, will be cleared, creating more energetic space for your higher frequencies to expand.

The Foundation for Mastery course connects the first four strands of DNA with the first four dimensions into your Mastery Framework. Your Mastery Framework continues to expand to hold all of your luminescent, amazing self, on as many dimensions and strands of DNA as desired. 

A shimmering energetic alive structure creates your new body and your new life. This magical process takes you on the journey of expanding into who you came here to be.

You have things to do here on earth. It's time to build the foundation so you can blossom into your full magnificence, light, and power.

I'd love for you to join us on this alchemical, in-depth journey.

With Love,

Dr. Cynthia

Foundation for Mastery

Starts Monday, September 14th

Early bird pricing $467 until August 9th at midnight.

After that, the price is $737.

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** Tired of being isolated and alone - connect to other like-minded people in a supportive, generous online community.**

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Foundation for Mastery - Course Curriculum

6 weeks of exciting, transforming, inner mastery

  • (Click to open) Included in Every Week

    • A weekly Activation DNA Meditation to Listen to Daily • Training Videos • Workbook: Guide and details about each week • Drawings and Visuals: Creative self-expression for a greater embodiment using color and sacred geometry. • Weekly Group Discussions in Secure Chat for further understanding and integration • A Community of Generosity and Support on Your Awakening Journey •

  • Week 1 - Create a solid foundation

    • Link your unique Mastery Framework • Clear and connect 1st strand of DNA with 1st dimension • Remove lower 1-D frequencies • Learn how to use Spiraling Gratitude, a transformation technology • Release patterns of survival, lack and feeling inadequate •

  • Week 2. Your Genetics and Light Codes

    • Clear and connect 2nd strand of DNA with 2nd dimension • Remove lower 2-D frequencies • Link to your Mastery Framework • Untangle from Your Ancestry • Discover how Light Codes work • Release patterns of violence and abuse •

  • Week 3. Your 3-D Body

    • Clear and connect 3rd strand of DNA with 3rd dimension • Remove lower 3-D frequencies • Link to your Mastery Framework • Remodel the DNA in Your Physical Body • Learn how to use Light Codes for your transformation •

  • Week 4. The Collective Unconscious

    • Clear eons of stuff that's not even yours that’s held in the collective unconscious. • Make inner space for more of your essence • Clear and connect 4th strand of DNA with 4th dimension • Link to your Mastery Framework • Create boundaries with the collective unconscious • Remove lower 4-D frequencies of collective trauma, fear, and panic •

  • Week 5. The Personal Unconscious

    • Clear your personal unconscious, the hidden patterns and beliefs that sabotage your wellbeing and success. • Remove veils and layers of illusions • Release old beliefs • Dive deeply into your unconscious • Uncover the path for heightened new insights, clarity, and joy • Release personal trauma, fear, and panic •

  • Week 6. Activation, Integration, and Your Next Steps

    • Activation and integration • Creating New Neural Structures and Pathways • Expanding Your Mastery Framework to accommodate all the strands of DNA and multiple dimensions you desire • Envision a new you • Your Next Steps •


The Art of Radical Gratitude

Receive a free PDF of my book The Art of Radical Gratitude. Sixty award-winning photographs illuminate how to use spinning gratitude to create amazing transformation.

Your Guide

Dr. Cynthia Miller

Inner Alchemist, DNA, and Multi-Dimensional Guide

In 1974, a bolt of energy flew up my spine, awakening new areas of my brain. Ever since my spontaneous kundalini awakening, I've been able to see multiple dimensions, from mastery realms to DNA. Recently, light codes started dancing though my awareness, bringing in multidimensional healing, information, and technologies.

I received a Ph.D. in Cellular Transformation and the Psychology of Change in 1985, the first of its kind, merging quantum physics, biology, spirituality, and psychology. With over thirty-five years of clinical expertise, my lifetime of groundbreaking work guides you beyond the fear, terror, and corruption of the old paradigm to create a joyous new reality.

It all starts in your DNA, your mastery blueprint, and connecting to multiple dimensions. I've been exploring these realms for decades, know the guideposts, see the pathways. An inner alchemist, assisting you to build connections between your inner and outer reality to manifest a new paradigm based on love and equality for all.

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Co-creating a 5-D reality

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